Sunday, September 4, 2022

Ruiz Defeats Ortiz by Decision

Ruiz vs Ortiz Results

In tonight's heavyweight fight between Andy "The Destroyer" Ruiz and Luis "King Kong" Ortiz, both fighters fought cautiously but both had moments showcasing their power in 1 and round 2 Ruiz dropped Ortiz twice. 

Rounds 3 through 6 showed more of the same but Ortiz was landing more body shots but Ruiz was able to counter with a overhand right on occasion and Andy had success at times going to Ottiz' body as well.  But mostly just back and forth with neither man showing a definite edge and minus the 2 knockdowns a very close fight otherwise.  It was such a strategic contest that neither had any major engagement throughout and round  

In round 7,   Ruiz stunned Ortiz and dropped him once again with only 10 seconds to go Ortiz gets back up and survives the round.

In round 8, Ortiz recovered well and was a close round. 

Round 9 had Ruiz stunning Ortiz early but he was able to hold on but Ruiz is definitely in the lead and won this round as well.  Ortiz would need a knockout at this point to win.

In round 10 , Ortiz had more success with his jab and was boxing well. He should have been using his jab like this the whole fight.  He looks very good behind it, but at this point winning the final rounds on points will not give him the win he needs/needed a knockout.  

Ruiz was able to catch Ortiz in round 11 and started landing and increasing the pressure on Ortiz. Ortiz stayed composed and the round ended with both fighters fighting cautiously. 

The final round had Luis Ortiz finally coming out with pressure.  He should have done this sooner and is landing on Ruiz, but Ruiz weathered the storm and was able to fire back as well.  The fight will go to the scorecards.

The scorecards read 113 to 112,  and 2 of them 114 to 111.  With the winner Andy Ruiz.

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