Monday, September 5, 2022

Fury vs Usyk Prediction

As of now there isn't any confirmed fight set in stone between current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and new Ring heavyweight champion and defending IBF/WBA/WBO champion Oleksandr Usky, but Usyk did call out Fury after his last fight and Fury wants the fight as well.  Recently, Usyk said he has a injury so a bout by December is unlikely but could happen next hear by April.  If the fight happens this is what I predict:

I like both fighters but overall I think there isn't a weakness that Usyk can exploit with Tyson Fury. Fury has a great chin, stamina, can keep the range well, can bully in the inside and use his weight when needed, and has good punching power.  If Usky hopes to just come in tremendous shape like he did against Joshua he's going to find it hard to move in to do land anything against Fury since he keeps his range much better than Joshua did and if he does come inside to land he doesn't have the 1 punch power to give Fury any problems.  So his only chance is to try to catch Fury on points but in doing so he's coming into a much more ring savvy Fury compared to Joshua and will risk getting hit himself.  So my prediction is a late 9th to 12 round tko victory for Fury with a small chance that Fury will win the decision on points.  In either case though I predict Fury to win this when it happens.  

Side note: The only hope Usyk has is Fury's weight hurts him physically like an injury to himself in the ring (such as his knees) , or that Fury feels that he is such a easy match he doesn't train and comes in just at the level that Usyk could squeak by a decision.  At this time in Fury's career I believe he's mature enough to not let this happen. 

I also think win or lose Usky vs Wilder would be a very interesting match.  They are most complete opposites in fighting styles.

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