Thursday, October 21, 2021

Hughie Fury vs Christian Hammer Full Fight

 Hughie Fury vs Christian Hammer Full Fight Video

The cousin of Tyson Fury -- Hughie Fury -- defeated Christian Hammer on 10/16/2021 and is looking to secure a fight with Chisora next year. He's had close losses to top tier heavyweights Joseph Parker and Alexander Povetkin and another loss to Pulev and at a young age still is looking to make his mark on the division next year. He stopped Hammer in 5 rounds technically due to a bicep injury but was easily winning the fight up to that point.

 “It was very easy in there, I was going through the gears,” Fury said. “I was hitting him with the light shots, he was making mistakes and that was the plan. I had a lot more gears to offer. We kept shortening the distance and then going long and it was frustrating him. He was going to go. That was only 50 per cent of me. 

 “The stoppage was coming no matter what. Hammer was getting sick and he was getting hit constantly. I’m a fighting man, I’m only 27, I love to fight.” 

 Check out the video below for fight footage.


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