Saturday, October 9, 2021

Fury Wilder 3 Predictions

  My Fury Wilder 3 Prediction

This is a little tough to predict because there are a few new variables.  There's a lot of time off between their last fight for both of them.  They both are coming in at their career heaviest and just a short time ago this summer Fury caught Covid and had to call out the original 3rd fight between them.  Has he recovered from this fully?   One thing I believe is that Wilder shouldn't have came in heavier hoping to be able to push around Fury who is still 39 lbs more than him.  If anything this will tire him more.  In the last fight he said wearing that suit wore him out coming to the ring and now he's added weight to his frame so he's just carrying that around now?  I don't think that will benefit him.  Fury is used to carrying around the weight and has great stamina for a man that size.  I also think Wilder working on his boxing skills to try to compete with Fury is unnecessary.  It would be beneficial against other opponents but not against Fury because he's still not going to be the better boxer having only been training the new skills for a short time with his new trainer.  I believe he should have worked on footwork, leg strength, and explosiveness so he could get in on Fury and land his power.  It seems they focused too much on building size and upper body strength and boxing skills instead of this.  So my prediction is --- barring Fury hasn't severely been impacted by the covid he caught and doesn't get clipped early by Wilder--- Tyson Fury with most likely a TKO or possible KO within 5 rounds.  

Here are some predictions from around the world on what will take place tonight between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former champ Deontay Wilder:

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