Friday, January 18, 2019

Louisville renames airport after Ali

Mohammad Ali's saying ,"Float like a butterfly, stink like a bee" will be in part will be immortalized at the Louisville, Kentucky airport which will now be named after their hometown hero.

After Wednesday's vote the airport will be named Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport, instead of Louisville International Airport. Although the airport's name will change, the airport's three-letter International Air Transport Association Location Identifier, SDF, will not. The decision for the name change had been discussed for more than a year.

Jim Welch, chairman of the Airport Authority Board, said in a statement, "This tells the world how proud we are to associate 'The Greatest' with not only our great city, but our great airport."

Ali's widow, Lonnie Ali, expressed her support for the name change: "I am happy that visitors from far and wide who travel to Louisville will have another touch-point to Muhammad and be reminded of his open and inclusive nature, which is reflective of our city."

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