Sunday, December 2, 2018

Wilder vs Fury Ends In Draw

Tonight's WBC heavyweight championship fight betweeen WBC champion Deontay Wilder (40-1-0, 39 KOs) and Tyson Fury (27-1-0, 19 KOs) ends in controversial draw.

Wilder did get 2 knockdowns with one being in the 9th from a right hand while Fury was bent over in the corner after ducking a shot and in the 12th round. Fury did come off the canvas from the right left combo that many thought he would not get up from and fought back and backed up Wilder (Props to referee Jack Reise for not calling off the fight and giving Fury time to get up. ) All the other rounds Fury controlled the fight with his movement and jab.

In my opinion, rounds 9 and 12 were the only 2 rounds that Wilder won and Fury won the rest. They both have stated they want a rematch. Hopefully, they fight in UK as Fury should have got the nod here.

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