Saturday, December 22, 2018

Whyte Ko's Chisora In the 11th!

In tonights heavyweight rematch from their fight in December 2016, Dillian Whyte (25-1, 18 KOs) knocked out Dereck Chisora (29-9, 21 KOs) in the eleventh round.

 The fight was very competitive. Chisora was more of the aggressor all night while Whyte looked for the counters. In the 1st round this was evident and Whyte landed a heavy right that dazed Chisora and left him spend time in the round to recover.

In the 2nd, Whyte used his jab more effectively and in the 3rd Chisora's aggression was getting Whyte to back up. The 4th seen Whyte controlling the 1st while Chisora rallied and finished strong.

In the 5th and 6th rounds Chisora was controlling the action and unloading with body punches. The 7th seemed pretty even and in the 8th the pace slowed and Chisora was deducted a point for a low blow.

 The ninth was another close round but with Whyte landing the bigger punches.

The 10th was mostly Whyte's round with the exception of the very closing moments where Chisora rallied.

 In the 11th, Chisora was deducted a point for using his forearm and Whyte started throwing alot more punches. As this was happening Chisora walked into a huge counter hook in the 11th round that knocked him out cold.

Outcome:  Whyte via 11th round KO over Chisora.

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