Thursday, September 28, 2023

Fury vs Ngannou October 28th

 The Crossover Fight

Current WBC heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury will take on Francis "The Predator" Ngannou , the former UFC heavyweight champion, in a boxing match on October 28th, 2023 and will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  The main event should be taking place around 10 pm UK time, or 5 pm EST and will broadcast live on TNT Sports Box Office , which was formerly called BT Sport.

 The fight is supposed to take place as a exhibition but both fighters have worded things as though it will be more intense than that.  It most likely is just to sell the fight, or at least on Fury's side, but maybe Ngannou is taking this a more serious matter. Fury's current belt is not on the line but the WBC did create a new one that will go to the winner.

To make things even more interesting former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, whom Tyson Fury is named after, is training Francis currently and will be in his corner come fight night.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Usyk vs Joshua 2 Full Fight

 Oleksandr Usyk successfully defended his belts and gained the Ring heavyweight championship when he defeated Anthony Joshua by decision.  The fight took place on August 21st, 2022.

Usyk vs Joshua 2 Full Fight Video

Wilder vs Helenius Preview

In his 1st fight back since his loss to defending WBC champion Tyson Fury, Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder 42-2-1 will take on heavyweight contender Robert "The Nordic Nightmare" Helenius 31-3-0 in a 12 round heavyweight matchup on Saturday, October 15th 2022 at the Barclasy center in New York. Wilder is coming off 2 back to back losses to Fury and while Helenius is comning off 2 back to back wins over Adam Kownacki. 

Tale of the Tape

  •  NAME Deontay Wilder Robert Helenius 
  • RECORD Deontay Wilder 42-2-1 Robert Helenius 31-3-0 KOS
  •  (KO %) Deontay Wilder 41 (91.11%) Robert Helenius 20 (58.82%)
  •  WEIGHT Deontay Wilder 226 lbs (102.73 kg) Robert Helenius 243 lbs (110.45 kg)
  • HEIGHT Deontay Wilder 6'7" (2.01 m) Robert Helenius 6'6½" (2 m) 
  • REACH Deontay Wilder 83" (211 cm) Robert Helenius 79" (201 cm) 
  • STANCE Deontay Wilder Orthodox Robert Helenius Orthodox 
  • AGE Deontay Wilder 36 Robert Helenius 38

You can get tickets now and more information on the venue at StubHub here or by clicking the picture below.

Golovkin vs Alvarez 3 Tickets

The 3rd fight between Gennady Golovkin (GGG) and Canelo Alvarez will take place at the T-mobile arean in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 17th, 2022 to determine undisputed middleweight champion.

GGG vs Canelo Tickets

There's still some tickets left surprisingly for the event in Las Vegas and you can go here for the page with all the pricing and venue information through StubHub.

Ruiz vs Ortiz Full Fight

 If you haven't seen the fight yet, you should as it is already a fight of the year candidate when Luis "King Kong" Ortiz battled with Andy "The Destroyer" Ruiz on 9/4/2022.  Check out the full fight video below.

Ruiz vs Ortiz Full Fight Video

Where To Watch Golovkin vs Alvarez

 This is such a huge fight that even thought it's not heavyweight it's worth mentioning for all true boxing fans. 

Where To Watch

Canelo Alvarez will face Gennady Golovkin on September 17th for the 3rd time for the undisputed super middleweight championship at the T-mobile arena in Las Vegas.  The fight will be shown on DAZN ppv in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand and as well as on regular DAZN ( just the normal monthly subscription ) except Mexico, Latin America, and Kazakhstan.  If you want additional DAZN fight details including cost you can check it out here. But at this time it appears the monthly subscription for both US and Canada are $20/month and 7.99 in the U.K.  The ppv cost is $64.99 for subscribers and $84.99 for non-subscribers in the US and Canada. It appears those in the UK would get a really good deal as the regular plan is cheaper and the PPV is 9.99 for subscribers and 17.98 for new subscribers.

The fight card will start 1 am UK time with GGG vs Alvareaz expected at 5am and in the US 8 pm start time and midnigh or 12 am  for the main card.

GGG vs Canelo Tickets

There's also plenty of tickets letf surprisingly for the event in Las Vegas and you can go here for the page with all the pricing and venue information through StubHub.

Monday, September 5, 2022

Fury vs Usyk Prediction

As of now there isn't any confirmed fight set in stone between current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and new Ring heavyweight champion and defending IBF/WBA/WBO champion Oleksandr Usky, but Usyk did call out Fury after his last fight and Fury wants the fight as well.  Recently, Usyk said he has a injury so a bout by December is unlikely but could happen next hear by April.  If the fight happens this is what I predict:

I like both fighters but overall I think there isn't a weakness that Usyk can exploit with Tyson Fury. Fury has a great chin, stamina, can keep the range well, can bully in the inside and use his weight when needed, and has good punching power.  If Usky hopes to just come in tremendous shape like he did against Joshua he's going to find it hard to move in to do land anything against Fury since he keeps his range much better than Joshua did and if he does come inside to land he doesn't have the 1 punch power to give Fury any problems.  So his only chance is to try to catch Fury on points but in doing so he's coming into a much more ring savvy Fury compared to Joshua and will risk getting hit himself.  So my prediction is a late 9th to 12 round tko victory for Fury with a small chance that Fury will win the decision on points.  In either case though I predict Fury to win this when it happens.  

Side note: The only hope Usyk has is Fury's weight hurts him physically like an injury to himself in the ring (such as his knees) , or that Fury feels that he is such a easy match he doesn't train and comes in just at the level that Usyk could squeak by a decision.  At this time in Fury's career I believe he's mature enough to not let this happen. 

I also think win or lose Usky vs Wilder would be a very interesting match.  They are most complete opposites in fighting styles.

Ruiz vs Ortiz Full Post Fight Press Conference

 Ruiz Ortiz Post Fight Presser Video

This is the presser that happened after Sunday's heavyweight boxing match between Andy Ruiz and Luis Ortiz in which Ruiz was the decision victor after 12 rounds.

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Ruiz Defeats Ortiz by Decision

Ruiz vs Ortiz Results

In tonight's heavyweight fight between Andy "The Destroyer" Ruiz and Luis "King Kong" Ortiz, both fighters fought cautiously but both had moments showcasing their power in 1 and round 2 Ruiz dropped Ortiz twice. 

Rounds 3 through 6 showed more of the same but Ortiz was landing more body shots but Ruiz was able to counter with a overhand right on occasion and Andy had success at times going to Ottiz' body as well.  But mostly just back and forth with neither man showing a definite edge and minus the 2 knockdowns a very close fight otherwise.  It was such a strategic contest that neither had any major engagement throughout and round  

In round 7,   Ruiz stunned Ortiz and dropped him once again with only 10 seconds to go Ortiz gets back up and survives the round.

In round 8, Ortiz recovered well and was a close round. 

Round 9 had Ruiz stunning Ortiz early but he was able to hold on but Ruiz is definitely in the lead and won this round as well.  Ortiz would need a knockout at this point to win.

In round 10 , Ortiz had more success with his jab and was boxing well. He should have been using his jab like this the whole fight.  He looks very good behind it, but at this point winning the final rounds on points will not give him the win he needs/needed a knockout.  

Ruiz was able to catch Ortiz in round 11 and started landing and increasing the pressure on Ortiz. Ortiz stayed composed and the round ended with both fighters fighting cautiously. 

The final round had Luis Ortiz finally coming out with pressure.  He should have done this sooner and is landing on Ruiz, but Ruiz weathered the storm and was able to fire back as well.  The fight will go to the scorecards.

The scorecards read 113 to 112,  and 2 of them 114 to 111.  With the winner Andy Ruiz.